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Haumea's Hunger
Kind of as described in… she can eat and swell to tremendous size, and when she does, magic radiates from her, blessing the land around her person with plenty and health; able to even undo magical corruption. She can compress or move her mass around her as she pleases, or after meditating, reset her form. By Enbu
Haumea's Telling of Stories
Haumea is retelling the story where the harvest goddess, unable to harm the fellow and very rambunctious volcano god, swells to large sizes to smother him until he relaxes. Despite her size and weight, her blessing allows fairly free mobility.

by Enbu
Haumea by Zman99
A human touched by a harvest goddess, encouraged to indulge and let those around her indulge in an unnaturally bountiful harvest. Where ever she goes, plants and animals produce absurd yields, and this blessing of the land persists for some time. The more she consumes and the larger she gets, the stronger and longer lasting the blessing. She admits its a rather unusual boon; to be able to swell and engorge to immense size and then some, but since her form resets when she rests or meditates if she wishes it to, it allows her to also live a normal life on top of being an avatar of plenty. She sometimes is hit with intense hunger pangs that make her want to continue eating more than usual, where her endless capacity really comes into play. She can also compress he true mass and size, and often likes to prank and wow people who don't know of her boon by literally wiping out entire buffets and not gaining so much as a pound. Along with being able to compress it, she can "shape" how and where her mass appears.

Both before and after the boon, she has a certain kind of bubbly vivaciousness, ever positive and optimistic, more than happy to help people from rural, lost in time villages, to modern places with all the features technology has to offer. She's very adept to living in any situation, and her blessing ensues that she and her friends always has plenty. She never lords her powers or abilities over others, and despite her immense gluttony, she is never greedy or covetous, but is still sometimes prone to absurd episodes of engorging.

If she isn't doing the work of the harvest goddess, she has a lot of hobbies, usually gardening and fishing, very much an outdoors woman by nature.

By Enbu
  • Eating: EVERYTHING.


Is bored!
United States
  • Eating: EVERYTHING.

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